First Option Date:  Sunday, June 9

     1:00pm                 Arrive / Warm Up / Fill out forms / Q & A

     1:30pm                 Auditions Begin, parent observation is prohibited.

     5:15pm                 Auditions Ends, Info Meeting Begins

     6:00pm                 Mini Auditions Begin (ages 8 and under)

     7:30pm                 Auditions End

​Second Option Date:  Saturday, June 29
     10:00 am                 Arrive / Warm Up / Fill out forms / Q & A
     10:30am                  Auditions Begin, parent observation is prohibited.
     2:15 pm                   Auditions Ends, Info Meeting Begins
     3:00pm                    Mini Auditions Begin (ages 8 and under)
     4:30pm                    Auditions End​

Free Support


Audition Fee: $25

Choose One!

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Summer Intensive:
    Dates: Wednesdays        June 5, 12, 19, 26 and July 10, 17, 24
    Must attend 5 classes     ***7 Week Session, only pay for 5 weeks!
    Cost: $187.50                 Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Comp Team Bootcamp  
    Date: July 30, 31, and August 1
    Time: 9:00am - 5pm
        *Bring a sack lunch, snacks, and water bottle!
        *Please note that if you miss Bootcamp, you will be required to

         schedule a 3 hour private for every day missed.

Choreography Days
     - Schedule will be posted after team Selection
     - Group dances will be scheduled August 5-9, this does not mean

       your child will be there every day, they will only be there if they

       are in that specific dance.
     - Please note that if you miss choreography days, your child may

       not be placed in their favor.
     - Solo and Duo Choreography days will be during the month of

       August, and can be scheduled through your portal.

Season Begins: September 9
     - The first 2 weeks back will be focused on finishing

       choreography, therefore we will have a completely different

     - Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Ages 9+.

       Ages 8 and under will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

It is important that each and every dancer and parent read and understand the competition team requirements and policies PRIOR TO AUDITIONING. Any dancer age 5 and up, is eligible to audition for the competitive team. Younger students are able to participate with a special invitation and permission from studio owner. All students interested in being on the competitive team will be required to attend one of two audition dates to be placed on the correct team and determine if they are ready to be a competitive dancer. Dance teams will be split based on technique, age, ability, attitude, maturity, motivation, commitment, and strength. Please note that neither age nor friendships will be the main deciding factor or placement. We will be looking at skills, technique, flexibility, performance quality, and teamwork.

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West Michigan ElitePom & Dance


West Michigan Elite Pom & Dance


Students must take the required “Summer Intensive” class
Students must attend one of two audition dates
All dancers must turn in the audition form and signed policies on their Audition Date!
Students and families have until July 13, to notify the studio by email what spots they have selected.
All dancers are required to be in studio dress code for auditions (All black, tight fitted dance clothing, hair in a secure bun, tights, and proper shoes) Being out of dress code will be noted on your audition negatively.

The previous year’s attendance and the work ethic demonstrated in front of the judges will also be taken into account.

​What to Expect and Audition Day Schedule
- Arrive promptly on arrival time (or ages 8 and under, will  arrive for their mini audition) to warm up, turn in paperwork,  and ask any questions.
- Pay the audition fee of $25 in cash or check
- The audition process will begin, parent observation is prohibited.
- Judges are all non-biased judges who are not on staff at WME        

Competition Team Placement
The ruling of the guest judges is final.
It will not be overturned by your instructors or by the studio owner.
Placement will be determined on the Sunday after the Final Audition
It is against the policy of WME to allow dancers to select their team placement, their duo/trio partner, their style, their song, their costume, or their instructor. We place dancers according to their skill level and who they dance best with.