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West Michigan ElitePom & Dance



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West Michigan Elite Pom & Dance

WME is a dance studio located in Allendale, MI. For over 10 years, we have offered dance classes for kids beginning at age 2. We pride ourselves in "combo class" instruction, meaning your child doesn't get bored with one style after the first half of the year. We strongly believe in "mixing it up" a bit, so children can stay excited about their dance classes. From your child's first class to their graduation solo, WME has a class for everyone. We welcome beginners of all ages and offer training through advanced levels. Our classes are taught by skilled teachers in a positive atmosphere. We pride ourselves on age-appropriate costuming, music, and choreography. Our students not only learn proper technique but also develop important life skills, such as; learning to be respectful, confident, and humble young people who share their talents and carry these qualities with them for the rest of their lives.

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"My daughter is 10 and started here last year. We love it. Happy with how things are run. She has learned so much and enjoys each class. Jessica is easy to work with and my daughter likes her. Recital is the best part for parents and dancers!" - Heather Lake-Rotman

​"Olivia loves to dance! Just recently she joined the dance team at WME....and now she loves dancing even more! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful studio right here in Allendale! Thanks Jessica!" - Julie VanRhee

​"My daughter loves it there! Learning to to be a better dancer everyday!" - Angie Ellen