Musical Theater

Musical Theater is a jazz style that contains music from Musicals or often Disney movies. Dancers often lip-sync while dancing and act out their character.

Performance Team

WME PERFORMANCE TEAMS are for students ages 6 and up who have had a minimum of 1-year of dance experience. These students strive for the stage, and the excitement it brings. Our performance teams will have opportunities to perform at local events and compete in three local competitions. This team does have more requirements than our recital classes, please read through the requirements in the registration portal.



Pom consists of sharp crisp movements while also showing a visual effect to the audience with a pair of Pompons. If you like to cheer and dance, you will love pom!

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Summer dance classes


Jazz is a fast tempo dance style performed to popular, upbeat music. Jazz classes can be Broadway-style or funk. This class is offered for ages 6 and up.

We love Birthdays! Celebrate your day with us! Our 3 hour event includes a dance party, learn a dance, and your time for food, cake, and presents. Packages begin at $300 for up to 10 kids. Contact us today to start planning your party!


recreational classes


Lyrical is a style that stems from ballet while contemporary stems from jazz. Both styles can be similar and go with slower music or fast music. Both styles can be deeply emotional.

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Tap consists of beats that the foot makes with the shoes. Dancers will have controlled footwork, and use their feet in a rhythmic motion. This class is offered for ages 5 and up.

Itty-Bitty Classes

Our Itty-Bitty Classes begin with our 30-minute Creative Movement Class: Itty Bitty Adventures for ages 2-4. Children will learn to adapt to a class setting, learn to be away from mom or dad for a period of time, work on motor movement skills, and learn skills that will prepare them for future dance classes as well as pre-school. This class takes your child on a new adventure each week. We'll scale mountains, fight off aliens, take an adventure through the jungle, and so much more! 

Next is our 30-minute Ballet Class: Itty Bitty Ballet for ages 2-4. This focuses more on learning the basics of ballet while learning to adapt to a class setting. Students will learn one ballet dance for the end of the season recital. And finally, we offer an Itty Bitty Hip-Hop class where our youngest dancers get to grove. Dancers will learn one dance for the recital. 


Space rental is available for any event! If you need the space for a party, but don't need all of what is included in the birthday package, you can simply rent out the space for $30/hour plus fees. Contact us today to book your event!

Our Recreational Program focuses on technique geared toward their specific dance style. We have a season-long commitment here at WME, where our students learn dances and technique from September - May, and finish their season with a recital in May or June. Students can enroll in classes up until the end of January to be eligible to perform in recital. Students who enroll after the end of January will only be eligible to perform in our finale dance.

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Sometimes you just need to dance, or need a space to rehearse. We can provide that for you. Rehearsal time is $30/hour plus fees, this does not include an instructor. If you would like to have an instructor help with your rehearsal please see our Private Lessons.



Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an urban dance style with pop, locks, body rolls, and more. 





Ballet is the root of all dance. Once students understand the basics of ballet, they will be able to apply it to any other style. Leaning and improving ballet technique helps all dancers at all levels.