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At West Michigan Elite, we provide two distinct pathways for passionate dancers who aspire to grace the stage and elevate their dancing skills. Our Performance Team offers a rich array of performance opportunities, along with entry into beginner-level competitions, allowing dancers to showcase their talent and gain valuable experience. On the other hand, our Competitive Team offers a more intense and challenging environment, with opportunities for higher-level competitions, enabling dancers to hone their skills and thrive in a competitive setting. Whichever path dancers choose, they can expect unparalleled training and support from our esteemed instructors.

While studying in our Competition Classes will provide a much higher level of dance training as well as the opportunity to perform at competitions and get feedback from other professionals in the industry on their craft, here’s what makes WME different.​ Our goals are to provide them with a place to call “second home” where they develop lifelong relationships with both peers and mentors, and to work closely with our Competition kids to help them become strong, appropriately independent, responsible people in society no matter where life takes them. Here are just a few of the things you’ll see develop in your dancer.

You’ll never have a closer friend than those you make in dance class. There’s something about going through the experiences of getting praises and criticisms together as well as changing in tight spaces, climbing on top of each other in choreography, lifting one another, and hanging out for long rehearsals that have been proven in studies to bond kids tighter than other activities.

Problem Solving Skills
Dancers know how to think on their feet. It could be a costume piece falling off, a prop falling down on stage, or just plain forgetting the steps. They have to know how to cope on the spot with so many different situations. These skills push them forward into any career they choose in the future.

We spend a great amount of time stressing the importance of the team. We have good days and bad days as a team. It takes the whole team to do well or not so well. We spend time bonding as a team from our 6-year-olds mixing with our 17-year-olds. We are 1 Team that works together.

The Ability To Accept Criticism As Well As Praise
We always praise the kids for a job well done. But nothing gets better if they don’t know to fix it. Our dancers learn to accept criticism as a good thing that leads to improvements and makes them stronger in the end. A great life skill to have in any given career choice.

The Value of Hard Work and Dedication
Everything takes practice. Nothing is just handed to anyone in life. Dancers learn this in Competition classes when it takes practice, rehearsals, and 100% all the time to get where they wanna go. They’ll find they want to push themselves to get that next jump or trick which will translate to a great work ethic in everything they do.

Responsibility & Discipline
Our Competition classes have rules and more structure than our recreational classes. This helps the kids grow faster in their craft. They learn to discipline themselves to these rules and think nothing of it in no time. Along with that, we will give them responsibilities at appropriate ages that alleviate them from parents. Dancers will be responsible to be dressed correctly, having their shoes, and even beginning to prepare for a performance without mom or dad’s help as they get older.

Counseling And Mentoring
Our job doesn’t stop at, “point your toes!” Many times, we dance instructors find ourselves taking on the roll of “bartender for teens”. They love to talk to us about things. And that is what we are there for in the end.  It is not unusual to take 5 to address a school problem or a boyfriend issue, or just to have a group hug because someone had a bad day.





Performance Team Requirements

  • Summer Performance Team Prep Class (recommended, not required)
  • Strength and Flexibility Class
  • Performance Class (your choice of Tap for ages 5-7, Hip-Hop for ages 8+, Jazz for ages 5-7 and 8+)
  • A technique class that pairs with your performance class.
  • 3 Competitions during the season
  • Performances beginning in January

Competitive Team Requirements

  • Summer Intensive Class (minimum of 5)
  • Bootcamp (first week of August)
  • Choreography Week (second week of August)Type your paragraph here.
  • 1 Convention
  • 4 Competitions (nationals every other year)
  • ​Performances starting in January


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